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A Hand-Lettered Sign: Dry Brushing Tutorial

Over the summer, while we were still cooped up in the trailer, I got some serious cabin fever. And a desire to create something.  Insert Colin talking me off the edge of trying to bring home a foldable rocking chair and refinishing it on top of the picnic table. #goodideabadidea  So we came to a… Continue reading A Hand-Lettered Sign: Dry Brushing Tutorial

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Modern and Inspired Driftwood Decor

Since moving to Vancouver Island, I have been drawn to some of the more coastal decor styles. I have felt, in the past, that a “beachy” theme can end up a little cheesy and contrived, especially when you live in a land-locked prairie town. But being by the ocean, I want to add some of… Continue reading Modern and Inspired Driftwood Decor

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The Best Spa Bathroom Inspiration

If you have been following along, you know that for the last couple of months I have been living with my husband in our travel trailer. The rental market in Victoria, BC is insane – less than 1% availability in rental properties. Since Colin is newly self employed and I have been looking for work,… Continue reading The Best Spa Bathroom Inspiration