Welcome to Luscious and Lively! I am Aubrey – creative, hungry, and a bit quirky.


I love to decorate my home, no matter how small it is. I feel that any house can become a home with a little money and a lot of heart. Refinishing furniture, searching through estate sales, auctions and thrift stores for unique finds. Personalizing your home is fun, frustrating, but always an adventure if you have the right friends to drag along!

What good is a beautiful home without the right food? This is not a diet page. Enjoy food that demands you respect the glorious carbohydrate! The rest is just little pieces of me – my random musings on life.

We’re friends now! Grab a glass of wine, don’t let my dog lick your mouth (even if she is adorable), and enjoy your visit!

See- adorable. But a mouth licker.
See –¬†adorable. But a mouth licker.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Looking forward to visiting this site and enjoying your quirky sense of humour, decorating ideas, and delicious recipes! Speaking of decorating…. we really need to finish our projects so I can get at the reno of the family room!


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