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Random Facts About Me

Facebook is in another round of repetitive posts. This one is “I’ll give you a number and you share that many facts about you with everybody.”
So I will assume you all want to know some random stuff about me, since we are all getting to know each other, so I picked 7 as a nice random number. Here we go!

1. When I clean the house, I listen to one of 3 things: the Mamma Mia soundtrack, “Soul Queens” on 8 Track (the best app ever!) or Natasha Beddingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine” CD. Go ahead and laugh. I need some obnoxiously upbeat music to get through scrubbing the toilets. It never hurts if I can sing out loud to every song.

2. I need to buy more real pants. The amount of leggings paired with flowy, long tops I have been sporting is getting out of control.

3. I believe in a good cry. If that sounds like an oxymoron to you – yay! I have some male readers!!! But seriously, I had to have a cry today because car repairs were more expensive than expected, and that is money I could have spent on new living room accent chairs. Sometimes you need to cry it out, instead of mourning the loss of home decorating items all weekend. I have heard that kind of stress can lead to belly fat.

4. I have the cutest dog ever. Yes, she is cuter than your dog. She is also way more high maintenance. She is hypoglycaemic and will have seizures, or hypoglycaemic shock if she doesn’t eat. She also won’t eat if I’m not home. I’m not sure if that means she loves me dearly, or that she is slow in the head. She is staring at me right now, her paw on my arm, with eyes that say it is all love.

5. I am incredibly addicted to Pinterest. We had to get faster internet because my constant Pinterest searching was causing lagging in my husband’s Call of Duty game. We can’t have that.
6. I helped my husband butcher an entire deer last weekend. We are amazing like that. I felt like a strong prairie woman that day, but it was a ton of work.

7. I hate laundry. I have a friend who can’t understand why. She says “but the machines do all the work!” If they invent a machine that folds it and puts it away too, sign me up.

There it is. Seven random things about me. I hope you were sufficiently entertained. Have a great weekend!


Here she is – what do you think? Love or stupidity?



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