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Finding Decor in Unlikely Places aka “Poppin’ Tags”

Ok, Macklemore I am not. I do love a good thrift shop, but the key word here is “good” and often the thrift stores I live near leave a little something to be desired. Although the one near my house scored me a pretty awesome silver,scalloped, 3 tiered server. So I give it a little forgiveness.
Yesterday I found myself at a nearby Value Village, searching for a sweater awful enough for an ugly Christmas Sweater party we were invited to. And as much as I love the hosts of said party, I am not looking forward to wearing the white poncho with Christmas buttons I unearthed (ok, I found the poncho and will glue on some bobbles). Colin found a very 80’s red mock turtleneck. We deemed it Christmas themed because it reminded us of Cousin Eddie. I was in full sweater search mode, and didn’t even glance in the home and kitchen section of the store. But Colin got bored.

So I will digress here for a minute. In the last couple of years, Colin and I have discovered a mutual affection for antiquing. Or finding other people’s old stuff we want to own. However you prefer to look at it! This means that I have manly antiques like a brass fire hose nozzle in my living room (found in Clearwater, BC) and a vintage tobacco jar on my entry table (found in Great Falls, MT). It also means he will stop at random antique stores on a road trip with little complaint. We all win!
So, back to the story – he called me over, interrupting my flipping through racks of polyester and doilies, and showed me this bird. He was a coppery gold, and so us.

He had a friend, but this guy was more detailed, and better balanced. Colin even noted that this little dude can handle having his tail hang off the edge of the table, which means I have so many more options for where he can live.
I’m not sure of his bird type. Quail? Partridge? In a pear tree? What do you think?

No matter what, it just goes to show you that you can find a little treasure almost anywhere, even beside a creepy fabric statue labelled “el diablo.” I didn’t take a picture of him because I think it might be bad ju-ju. And he was super creepy.
Happy hunting! What is the best thing you have found in a random thrift store? Other than those rad vintage high-waisted jeans…


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