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Welcome Back – To Me!

A month goes by, and then another, and before you know it, your blog has settled into a total funk, and You haven’t posted since there was still snow on the ground. And not the new snow, the old, last year’s snow.
But to be honest, it hasn’t been a simple case of procrastination. I had to put the blog on a back burner while life got in the way.
Sometimes, when you are so busy documenting, Instagramming and Facebooking every mediocre moment of your “life,” real life happens.
Sometimes real life is hard, and exhausting, and takes it out of you; and the last thing on your mind is your blog.
And to be honest, I had that kind of year. There were days I just stayed in bed with the covers pulled up, and days it took everything in me just to get showered and head to work for the day. Things were rough. Life wasn’t turning out the way it was “supposed” to. Being an adult can be hard. Marriage is hard. Giving up on all the preconceived ideas of what my pretty little fairy tale was supposed to look like was hard. I didn’t deal well with it for a while. And the last thing on my mind was decorating, or cooking anything noteworthy, or taking effort to do much at all.
Usually my home is a direct reflection of how I feel. It can be warm, cozy and inviting. But when I am feeling like crap, my house looks like I feel. Enter dishes sitting in the sink for a week. And lettuce in the fridge from whoknowswhen. And no clean underwear because…didn’t I JUST do the laundry?

So I took some time for me. I spent time with friends, and family, and my husband. I rested a lot, I looked after myself. I layed on the dock at the lake and let the sun soak in, and jumped in the freezing cold water when the sun wasn’t enough to clear my head. I let my friends and family love me, and loved them for understanding that I wasn’t myself for a while.
And slowly but surely, I felt better. I started projects again, moving things around in my living room, reorganizing my kitchen cupboards. Before you knew it, I had ripped the medicine cabinet off the bathroom wall. A planned removal, not an anger-induced cabinet ripping. Either way it felt good.
And such is life sometimes. You get knocked down, and you get back up. Because what else can you do but get back up? Find strength in your family and friends and faith and get back up.

So now life has settled into itself, and I have time, and the desire, to make and write and blog and share with you.

Welcome back!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back – To Me!

  1. Thank you so much for your honesty and willingness to share those feelings, emotions and all the real life stuff! This year has been a difficult one for me too and some of what you have written was/is me in a nutshell! Keep on writing and it’s so good to see your blog pop up on my Facebook feed. Love you and welcome back! 🙂


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