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That’ll Do, Pig.

My life can get crazy busy, and as much as I love to cook, I hate last minute dinner decisions. It usually end up being a frozen chicken breast being thrown in the oven with some seasoning on it, and bag of salad on the side. Or pizza.
So I try my very best to meal plan. Yes, it may be a little OCD of me,but I prefer that insanity to the one that slaps me when I am eating chicken. Again. I try to loan my menu of suppers for two weeks, and then do one big shopping trip and avoid Walmart after that as much as possible. (Insert my husband laughing at that…somehow all roads lead to Walmart…)
But organizational bragging and rambling aside, I had grown a little sick of my fridge looking like this…and my meal plan being a sad piece of paper torn out of a notebook.
So one night at Michaels, Colin saw this little piggy chalkboard. He was cute, he was the right size, he was being purchased with a 40% off coupon. And now my sister-in-law can have further fuel for the fire to bug me about “hork on pork.” Another story for another day never.
Making him into a menu was pretty simple.
I tied a twine bow in the holes the previously held his string. And then I glued on a TON of magnets. And yes, this was overkill. They were the super strong magnets from the hardware store and I put them all over this thing. However – it doesn’t move around or fall off when you slam the freezer door. And he stays still when I write up the menu! Yes, piggy menu is a “he.”
Once the glue was dried, I seasoned him. Not with BBQ rub, but with chalk. New chalkboards must get seasoned before be written on. You do this by rubbing chalk sideways all over the board, and then wiping it off. If you don’t season your chalkboard, the first thing you write on it will be there for all eternity. This is the voice of experience. 😦

I love using chalk pens instead of dry chalk. There were another 40% coupon purchase, but they make everything so crisp and clean. And if you choose to get fancy on your menu, they do a great job of that!

So here he is, all installed and fitting right in, in the kitchen. Let the bacon and pig jokes ensue. I love him.




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