Celebrating Mediocrity – Christmas Decor Edition

A big thank you to my loving husband for the title. He asked what my photos were for and when I said “My blog.” He responded with “Celebrating mediocrity, hey?” Mainly because I barely decorated this year. I usually LOVE a ton of Christmas decorations, but this year I thought I would take it easy and…I know…SKIP THE TREE. Actually, I pretty much skipped everything that required pulling boxes from the spider-filled crawl space.
So this year, Christmas decorating at my place is majorly scaled back. Just a few touches here and there. As much as I want to be included in the blog-world Christmas home tours at some point, this year’s lack thereof might have disqualified me.
To make up for it, I will be sharing my sister-in-law’s place later this week. Her home is GORGEOUS this year!

The mantel was a quick addition of mini lights in one jar, with some mistletoe greenery to top the other. Add some gold accents and burlap ribbon and…ta-da!


I found this little tree at HomeSense, and despite the clerk’s sarcastic comment that “I’m sure you’ll make this…shrub…look very nice,” I think it is adorable.


This little vignette is one of my favourites. I have to admit to an addiction to chalkboards…



And speaking of chalkboards, I updated this one to something festive. The autumn chalkboard was up until today.

In other news, I also wanted to call this post “thank goodness I am getting a new phone because the camera on my iPhone 4 just isn’t cutting it at all for this blog!

I hope you are all having fun getting ready, or not getting ready, for the upcoming celebrations!


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