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I Ain’t Missing You At All – So Long 2014

I wish this could be a fluffy post about all my cherished memories of 2014. But it was a pretty garbage year, full of rough days, uncertainty and some of my crappiest moments. I will not miss it.
Sure, I had good moments. It wasn’t ALL bad. But I can say with certainty that this year held a lot of heartache for me and so many friends. It is a year that can suck it.
F U 2014.

But in an effort for some levity and gratefulness, here are some bits and things I learned this year. And as long as you are learning…

1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…or something. So glad I’m not dead.

2. I am not too old for pink or purple highlights in my hair. I might be too old for the band loom set I got in my stocking, but that is neither here nor there.

3. Prune juice comes in a purple tinted bottle. This is to hide the fact that prune juice is, in fact, brown. The juice you drink to help you poop…looks like juice made from poop. Maybe not the most important lesson, but there it is.

4. I am capable of more than I thought. Even if that just means I touched my feet in a seated forward bend at yoga class for the first time this year…since like, grade 5. Celebrate every victory!

5. They didn’t lie – painting a small room a light colour DOES make it look bigger. My bathroom feels so much less tiny and claustrophobic!

6. You think you are fresh out of love, and then this tiny person with your husband’s mouth and bum chin comes into your life…I am so officially smitten by the best thing to happen all year! I am THAT Auntie – the one who will sneak you candy and then foist your hyper little body back onto your parents. If anyone is confused…he has some of Colin’s features because it is his sister’s baby…
In other notes, MY sister will have her 4th in April. Is it evil of me to hope this one has my widow’s peak?


7. I am so thankful for “my tribe!” That handful of girls who know ALL my garbage, and love me, and get me out to fill me with frozen yogurt, and just listen and love me and get me. You are so incredibly valuable…I can’t even imagine where I would have been without you all. You know who you are! XOXO

8. A twisted sense of humour can get you through just about anything. You might laugh inappropriately…but all that matters is that you are laughing!

9. Leggings are pants. THEY ARE! Tights aren’t, pantyhose aren’t, anything that shows undies through it – nope. But leggings that suck in all my wobbly bits and come in fun patterns – PANTS.

10. 10 years later I love the man I married even more. He knows how to make me crazy, but I can’t imagine life without him. We made it through a rough year and I look forward to a fantastic 2015 together!



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