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The Year of the Purge

It seems like the trend in blogging is to start the new year off with organization tips. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but my house is in serious need of organization and purging of the huge piles of crap we have somehow accumulated over the last seven years living in this house! I have no idea how people manage to have this much stuff shoved into this small of a space… Or maybe the issue is that we really have just “crammed it in,” not organized it, or put it away, or made it work for us AT ALL!
I present to you… The second spare bedroom, or as my friend lovingly calls it the “mayhem room.” Since we don’t have any kids yet, one spare bedroom is pretty and reserved for guests. The other spare bedroom is the gong show where we shove everything that we can’t find a home for. If someone is coming over last-minute, put it in that spare bedroom. If we bought something and we don’t know where it should live yet, put it in the spare bedroom.
Over time it has become a huge mess that is overwhelming to even look at, let alone organize.
So here it is, the before picture…and you only see this because I love you.
Stay tuned for the after picture and the process! All I can say is, you know someone is a close friend when they’re willing to sift through this pile with you!



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