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The Great Purge – The Buddy System

That crazy room, or closet – most of us have one. You can read about mine here.
I think the toughest part about organization and purging out piles of stuff from rooms and closets, is that we want it to happen immediately. Not only that, it is so incredibly overwhelming!
So here is tip #1:
I admit, it is daunting to show some friends your secret mess. But it is so worth it! My close friend Des and I made a deal – first my spare room, then her basement.
Having a friend give you a hand motivates you; it keeps you from throwing up your hands and walking out of the room in exhaustion!
Des was also my “chuck it” cheerleader! She would stand beside me, black garbage bag in hand, and egg me on to throw away or donate items that hadn’t seen the light of day in years!
The best find of the day? A running case for a discman, complete with a burned CD of 3 Doors Down. I felt it was ok to donate that without checking with the husband!

We made leaps and bounds with this room – there is still a ways to go before it looks just how I want it (weight set and fish tanks still need to be figured out!)

Later this week I will let you in on some more simple tips for cleaning out that room!




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