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The Great Purge: Keeping Up With It

It’s done; you have chucked and piled and put things in bins and you want to be done. I get it!
And trust me, I understand a lack of space. Although we live in a 3 bedroom home, it is low on square feet and storage space. We have a garage, but it isn’t heated and sometimes mice get in it, so there is a lot that just can’t live in there.

The biggest struggle is keeping up with it – how do I avoid letting that spare room become the drop zone again?

To be honest…it it SO hard to not let it happen!

Case in point, here is the spare room pre-organization:

Here it is after:

Here it is now:

Granted, it is nowhere near as bad as it was, but I clearly still have work to do! I have grown leaps and bounds in organization upstairs – there is still a LOT to do in the spare room and my master bedroom. 

That being said, here are my tips for keeping up with it all! This purging and organization thing is a growing and learning experience!

1. Just Keep Purging!

I sing this in my head to the tune of “just keep swimming” by Dory in Finding Nemo. Yes, I’m a loser. Seriously though, keep going through your cupboards periodically and see what needs to go. I just found a bunch of Starbucks mugs in an upper cabinet that I already thought I had gotten rid of. They are too small for my gigantic cup of coffee required each morning. So they are gone.

Sometimes I think the purging is addictive. I love selling my stuff online and hoarding the cash for something special. I love being able to find things in my cupboards. I love feeling lighter after all the excess stuff heads out the door.

“Just keep purging, just keep purging, just keep purging, purging, purging…”

Ok that sounded like I was singing about vomit. Oops.

2. Take a Break

Sometimes it all gets too be too much. If I reorganize one more closet…!!! So take your time. Sit and and enjoy where you have gotten so far. Maybe just sit. It is easy to get burnt out, especially with huge spaces that need a ton of reorganization before they look good! So relax. Wait a week, then get back to it. Yes, I am sorry, you have to get back to it.

3. Create a Drop Zone

There are those who disagree with me, they think you need to put thigs away the MOMENT you are done with them. But call me lazy inspired, I like a little wiggle room in my organization planning. 

Make the drop zone an area you walk past often, that is central within your house, and that it annoys the crap out of you to have things collect there! For me, it is my kitchen island. If I clean the bathroom, the cleaning supplies get put on the island, and I will be sure to grab them and put them away on my next trip downstairs to the laundry room.

DON’T make your drop zone a box with a lid. This will promote clutter collection. Maybe make it your first stair on the staircase.

DON’T make it somewhere you would ignore easily. If my drop zone was my kitchen table (which it has been in the past) it would collect for weeks because we tend to eat in the living room. 

DO get your kids and spouse to join you in grabbing items and putting them away. I have even seen drop zones that are a group of open baskets with family member’s names so they must clean out their stuff daily.

4. Rethink Your Method

If you organized your bathroom cupboard but the counter is still consistently cluttered, rethink your system. Maybe you need more easy countertop solutions. Clearly it is too annoying to get things put back in “their place” or to dig them out for use the next day. For example, Colin’s bathroom works great, mine is like a bomb went off. Clearly my methods for makeup don’t work as well as my methods for shave cream.

5. Get Some Great Tools

My phone pretty much runs my life. So soon I will give you a great list of my favourite phone apps that help me keep my crap together. I am forgetful and I like to make a million paper lists and then lose them all, so these apps are a game changer! I always said all I needed my phone for was texts and calls. #IWasSoWrong #GiveMeMyiPhoneOrElse

So how do you keep up with it all? Share with me – I love comments!




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