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My Favourite “Person”

It’s a slow day here in blog land – I have been busy celebrating my husband’s 30th birthday, and making lasagna and trying to get more organizing jobs done around the house. Tip – check out this fabulous organization website! She gives you a 15 minute organization task each day, and for the most part, each one is achievable in that time period.
Totally sucky confession: that beautifully organized spare room has 3-4 boxes piled in it from cleaning up other parts of the house. *sigh*
So with all of this going on, I haven’t really had any household goodies to show off to you all. I barely have my inconsequential Christmas decorations put away!
So for this post – I will introduce you to my favourite person – aka my dog Kiely.
Ok…she may not be a person, but she is pretty fabulous.

A whopping 6 pounds of wiener dog, crossed with a yappy Pomeranian, she is playful, bratty and ever-loving. We fell in love with a tiny puppy staring sweetly from a window, with her head cocked to the side. She has proved to be loyal, protective, and a lover of shredded Kleenex. She can gut a stuffed animal and extract the squeaker in 20 minutes flat, but is still terrified of the vacuum.

She has a truly quirky personality, one might even say OCD. She likes to cuddle on my couch on the right side only, will sleep with me with her butt in my face, but always lays head up with Colin. I try to ignore what this may mean for the level of respect she has for me. Add to that her silent but deadly gas, she often gets reminded that she needs to turn around!

While Colin was out of town for work a few years back, she was my companion, and my foot warmer in bed. She was the one who was excited to see me when I got home, and the one I cuddled on the couch. Now that he is home, she refuses to relinquish her newly-acquired Mama’s girl status.

He is trying to win her over, but she would rather watch me do dishes instead of have a nap with him.
So this is my baby! If you come to my house, she will bark excessively and try to lick you in the mouth, but we love her anyways!

Do you have a puppy in your life you adore? Let me know about them!
Have a fabulous week everyone! Xoxo



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