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All Tied Up – A Rustic Soap Pump DIY

As much as I love a good rip-it-out-of-the-wall renovation, some home updates are small, simple and super easy to do. Sometimes I just can’t work installing a macrame bed frame into my schedule. Not that I would want to.
Mason jars are taking over the blogosphere like crazy, and my inner country girl loves it.

Sure, this is a simple DIY, but in a time when I am swamped with New Years Resolutions and shovelling snow off the driveway, a simple craft is not only enjoyable, it is all I have time for!

I initially saw this tutorial for how to tie rope around a bottle for the whole nautical look. I have switched it around a bit for a mason jar. I know, mind blown. Haha!
I found this simple mason jar conversion kit for a soap pump at Michael’s and snatched it up. At $6.99 it was a little pricey for a soap pump, but that is what their 40% off coupon is for!

I organized the rest of the required supplies: jute rope, scissors, and a mason jar. I had a few sizes with the required opening size, and grabbed them all to see what would work best.

In the end I used the smallest size. It was to go in my bathroom and a large jar would be way too overwhelming! If yours is going to live in the kitchen or laundry room, a bigger mason jar may be useful.
Begin by tying a length of jute around the neck of the jar. Don’t tie it too tight, you need to have a little space to get the other lengths of jute tied around it.

Cut 4 lengths of jute, each one 3-4 times the height of the jar being used. It is best to give it a little more length rather than to run out!
Fold the lengths in half, and loop them through the jute around the neck of the jar, as shown above.
Arrange the lengths evenly around the jar. You can add more lengths of jute if you wish to have more knots and a smaller “knit” pattern.

Now you start to tie the knots down the body of the jar. This is like doing the most simple macrame ever! Knot one cord together with one from the set beside it. If the 4 sets of jute were like the points of a compass, one “North” string would be tied to “East” and the other to “West.”

Continue down the jar, tying the 2 “North” strings back together, and then back to “East/West.”

When you have reached the bottom, flip the jar over and tie the next set of knots just tight enough that they stay at the base of the jar and don’t slide up. You also want to be sure that the knots are not under the jar, or it won’t sit flat. Double knot the jute and trim it off.


If you wish, touch the ends of the base knots with glue so they do not unravel. And that is it! Done! A pretty, rustic soap jar.

It gives me inspiration to see what other items would benefit from a rope-wrapped nautical touch around the house. A lamp? A set of wine bottles? What would you rope-wrap?



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