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The Great Purge: The Kitchen

Despite the fact that my spare room was a black hole of death-by-clutter, I must admit that decluttering my kitchen is far more frightening. Tupperware drawer anyone?

Despite the fact that I do try to keep my kitchen organized, over time kitchen accessories just seem to accumulate in drawers and cupboards. I used to sell Pampered Chef, my sister-in-law sells Tupperware, I often get kitchen and entertaining and cooking stuff for gifts…it all adds up. And I must admit – where the spare room is mostly made up of my husband’s hoarder tendencies, the kitchen is FULL of mine.

Why yes, I do need 2 silver tiered trays…and 3 types of pizza cutters…and THAT many plastic pickle keepers. OK, maybe not. I have been working through the 365 decluttering missions on this fabulous website. (Hey girl, I have plugged your site twice now! Share the love haha!) It has been forcing me to go through the drawers that I have deemed as “just fine.”

Cleaning up oven mitts shocked me. I mean, how many can I have possibly accumulated? 4, I had 4. Since I do tend to use the same set over and over…so I purged the extra sets of Christmas-themed oven mitts.

And, I got rid of an extra tiered tray by gifting it to the sister-in-law, and I am selling those extra pizza cutters (Pampered Chef holds its value yo!)

The biggest shock? I felt like I was on a direct flight to Crazy Town when I saw all the bread clips. Neatly stored in one area. Like…25 of them. In what world am I thinking I will ever need these again???

I am sure, one day in the not-so-distant future when the zombie apocalypse occurs, and my husband is beside me wielding a shotgun/chainsaw hybrid, we will encounter a problem that can only be solved with a bread clip. And I will regret throwing them out.

Yeah, that is the only feasible scenario that may require excessive bread clip hoarding. Join me in chucking anything that is only helpful during the zombie apocalypse.

How is your Great Purge going? Have you found anything interesting? Are you a closet, low-key hoarder too?


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