Kiely Takes Over

Hi! I am Kiely, the family wiener dog. Technically I am half pomeranian, half dachshund, but Mom just calls me weenie. She has been sick most of the week, and so lazy she didn’t even do that “Friday Free-For All” post, which is super easy. 

So I hijacked the blog!

Here are my best parts of the week:

1. I enjoyed that sunshine we got, and got my fur all toasty warm. I love laying in the sunbeam and getting all squinty-eyed before I fall asleep.

2. This week I got to lick Mom’s yogurt cups clean AND eat bits of apple before Mom threw out the core. #nomnomnom

3. I have almost completely gutted my stuffed tiger. I am debating just beheading him and making short work of it. #tigerkiller 

Though she be but little, she is FIERCE! 

4. I shredded a bunch of Kleenex before I was caught. It is so fun, it just goes everywhere and Mom can never pick up every little piece. HAHAHA!

5. I got to eat some waffle bits after brunch today. #morenomnomnom

Mom also scraped my teeth. I hate playing dentist. It is even worse than getting my nails trimmed. So that wasn’t a highlight. Boo to that!

Well, it looks like we are getting more sun – I think I’ll go lick my bum and then work on my tan!



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One thought on “Kiely Takes Over

  1. Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh Kiely! I think you should hijack the blog more often! Hope your mom is feeling better and that there are lots more sun rays in the future 🙂

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