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10 Reasons Why I Sometimes Suck at Life

I get it, it sounds pretty harsh. Honestly, though, there are things I do that just make me shake my head at myself. I am 30 now, shouldn’t I have figured this all out by now? Anyway, here is a quick list of my sucktasticness. Enjoy.

And let’s be clear, I am amazing at life in a lot of ways. These are not those.

1. I almost always burn my soup.

I put the can of soup in a pot, set it to heat, and promptly forget I did it until I hear it bubbly furiously on the stove, or I smell it burning. I have done this for ages. When I was a kid I would boil over pots of soup so often that my Mom threatened to stop letting me heat my soup on the stove. I still do it to this day. I just burned a pot of pea soup. I could blame it on the fact that I am sick today, but when you are 18+ years into a habit, it is just because you suck.

2. I leave things out after using them.

Yup, this is a doozie. It is why this whole “declutter and organize” thing is so important/difficult for me. It drives my husband nuts. But he was forewarned! My Dad used to tell him that I might look great leaving the house, but my room and bathroom looked like a bomb went off. If that shirt doesn’t work, why put it away when you can throw it on the floor???

It is only fair to admit that I am also the one cleaning it eventually; that should count for something, right?!?!

3. I am the queen of procrastination.

I started this post six months ago…hahaha KIDDING! But I was always the one writing a six page essay the night before it was due, in University. I think us creative people do some of our best work under pressure! This procrastination isn’t so great when you are, for instance, hand-making Christmas gifts, or packing for vacation (my favourite shirt is DIRTY! Vacation RUINED!). I will need to get help from family and friends to ensure my first child has a fully prepared nursery. And a car seat. See that? Me thinking ahead to things not even close to happening soon!

(See what I did there, I made sure you can all stop asking me when I am getting pregnant…)

4. I like to make fun of people.

I really hate this one. I fully believe it is because:

  • I was born full of awesome sarcasm and sometimes it goes too far.
  • Insecurity sometimes gets the best of me.
  • Some people are just really stupid and annoying. That is not my fault.

I am honestly trying to not be nasty about it any more. I don’t want to come across as mean spirited. Unless you are really stupid or annoying. Consider yourself warned.

Also to be fair, I believe in “if you can dish it out you can take it.” Most of my friends make fun of me, and it is part of what I love about them.

5. I wear my hair the same 90% of the time.

The messy bun is my uniform. I wear my hair down and curled or straightened when I want to get all pretty, but when it doubt, messy bun.

One of my friends and I often went for late night makeup and nail polish runs at Walmart, and she would joke that the greeter recognized us as “ginger and high bun.” So I am working on embracing my natural curl and switching things up a bit.

6. Candy is my drug.

Specifically, gummy candy. Even better, Haribo anything. But if I need a fix, the candy cup at the corner store will give me what I need. I could care less about chocolate. I love ice cream but it gives me the toots. Gummy candy for the win. I do need to ease up if I don’t want to buy an entirely new wardrobe to fit my growing booty.

7. I judge people if they don’t like my dog.

Or dogs in general. I am fine if you don’t like cats, they are spiteful little beasts. But when people don’t share my love for Kiely, they go down a few notches in my book. Oops? 

7 items is good enough; really, how much self abuse can I inflict online? 10 still sounds good in the title though. I’ll leave it.

What do you suck at? I love comments, so share with me! 




7 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Sometimes Suck at Life

  1. Hello High Bun! Hilarious post!

    BTW I burned two – yes two! – pots over a span of a month back in June – ugh! Gotta say that my Norwex Cleaning Paste brought them back to shiny stainless (and boy were they black!)

    Love that you are going to try to embrace your beautiful natural curl!


  2. Oh my! I relate to many of these! I definitely wear my hair the same way every day… Because what else would I do with it?! Seriously though. Just keep rocking all the things you’re good at- And ya know what I tell people? I can’t be good at everything!


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