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Wiener Dog Wednesday! Kiely Takes Over (March 25)

I snuck on Mom’s blog again! She isn’t sick, but I have a bone to pick with her! (see what I did there?! Heehee!) 

Mom has an Instagram account (@lusciousandlively), and she posts lots of pictures of me! She even gave me a special hashtag, #kielythewienerdog. I usually love it – like this one she posted today. I just love Mean Girls! 


But sometimes she posts pictures like this: 

Not cool Mom. She doesn’t think it is a big deal; she says I still get more likes than her selfies. But that isn’t the point. I get likes cuz people are laughing at me. I mean, she hash tagged this one #derpface. Not cool. 


And then there is this one. I had just woken up. How would she like me to post a photo of her half asleep in bed? I would be cut off from my treat supply for days.

And this! This was a deliberate attempt to make me feel guilty for eating leftover butter. She should feel bad for just leaving butter out. Does she get how much work it is to keep my physique?!?! I can’t ignore a plate of butter…  

So help me out here – stop liking all the Instagram photos where I was seriously caught off guard. Instead, click like on the ones like this, where I show my strength and power: 

Or this, where she gave me a chance to pose:  

 No more of this. GOT IT?!?!  

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