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Easter for the Lazy Girl – and a book launch!

I love Easter. The chocolate, the eggs, the songs at church that I have sung all my life.

This year I did a little Easter shopping with my sister-in-law for some new Easter decor. I found these plastic eggs at Walmart. So much easier than using real eggs – and they can be packed away and used for next year! And only $2! 

My first thought was to modge podge some pretty paper on them, but I didn’t want the mess. The I thought about writing Easter verses around the egg. Two eggs later and I knew my penmanship was NOT up to par. Hence the two missing eggs in the carton.

And then it came to me – Sharpies. Clean, easy, and I could scribble while I watched Grey’s Anatomy. I did a different design on each one using my gold Sharpie pen. I left one white because I ran out of ideas…erm…it looked so clean and fresh. 


Those two wasted eggs really bothered my OCD, so I used my Martha Stewart Metallic Gold Acrylic craft paint and covered up my mess. 

I put the eggs in my decorative bird cage – so pretty and festive! 


In other exciting news – one of my favourite bloggers from The Inspired Home has published a lovely book, and it launched today!   


This book has the fabulous message of loving the home you have, no matter how small, no matter where it is, no matter what your budget. I am blessed enough to have been asked to join the promotional team! A copy of the book is on its way – once I get it I will be sure to let you all know my thoughts. If you want your own copy, find it on Amazon:




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