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Friday Free for All – April 3 2014

Happy Good Friday! Easter is only days away. Did it sneak up on you this year? Usually my version of Easter decor is a vase of tulips, but this year I took the time and made these simple Easter eggs!  

In case you haven’t made your eggs yet, here are my favourites from some other bloggers. Enjoy!

1. These gorgeous black and white eggs


 2. These eggs from Vintage with Laces are so antique and cute. Even the egg carton got decorated! 


3. I love these two blue options. The simplicity of the graduated colour and the Dutch blue inspiration of the other eggs. Gorgeous! 


4. These beauties from LRF are covered in napkins. NAPKINS. Who knew paper napkins could turn out so well?  

5.  These glitter eggs from girl.inspired. I love how some of the eggs have their natural colour and texture showing through.  


So have some fun and use these simple and gorgeous tutorials to craft up some eggs!

Happy Easter! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

XOXO Aubrey


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