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Friday Free for All: July 31

Ummm…how is it August tomorrow? How have I been away from the blog for so long? I have had a busy summer – we have the house up for sale, and getting the house all ready for buyers was no overnight task. And to be honest, my energy was all used up, so I slacked on the blog. But sometimes (all the time), life and family take precedence over blogging…

So here is a long-awaited Friday Free for All! A few of my favourite things this week!

1. Chateau de Gudanes

An Australian family is completely renovating a French castle. Their Facebook page and website are addictive little gems. One day they are salvaging woodwork and the next they are finding sections of the castle no one has seen in decades! Be prepared to drool and dream. This is the French countryside in all its glory. All I need is a bicycle and a baguette!  

2. This hammock setup

I would live there with wine and a book all summer!

3. This Quote 

4. This Mexican restaurant 

I went there with my parents a couple of weeks ago while I was in Vancouver. It was so delicious, like being right back in Nuevo Vallarta! If you are in the Yaletown area, I highly recommend it. And I get picky about Mexican food…  

5. It’s the Long Weekend! Get out there, enjoy the sun while it lasts!

Xoxo Aubrey


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