Selling Our Home – Some Thoughts and a Tour!

I have lived in my home for 8 years. Off and on, because of work, Colin has lived there with me! This was our first house purchase, our fourth home during our marriage, and has stored so much more than just our furniture. It is a home full of happy memories, and many difficult times.

So the time has come, the walrus said…we are selling the house! We are SO ready to move, to find a new home, and to create new memories. There is a bittersweet mixture of saying goodbye to this house, and looking forward to a fresh start in a new home.  But selling a house is a huge pain in the butt. Keeping it neat as a pin 24/7. Having strangers traipse through my house while I waste an hour in the truck driving around with the dog. Then Kiely is out of sorts for hours as she sorts out the new smells the buyer has left. Ugh. Please someone, buy my house so I can leave for work without worrying if Colin put down the toilet seat.

On the plus side, I have really gotten into the habit of keeping the kitchen picked up, of putting away something as soon as I am done, of making the bed each morning. You know, all those basic tasks your mother told you to do as a child, so as an adult you ignore it all and let clutter and dishes and bedsheets pile up. I really must stay in the habit of all this daily cleanup once I have my new home! Haha! All this “adulting” can really wear a girl out!

Once this place sells I can do up a list of all the amazing things we did to make our house more attractive to buyers. Unfortunately, the only reason it hasn’t sold is because most people don’t like having bedrooms downstairs. Get over it people, it is gloriously cool in the hot summer weather. And your house guests stay on the main level, away from your dirty underwear and the bathroom with makeup all over the counter. Win-win!

Since my house is the tidiest you will see it – here is a little tour! 

The living room and office are my favourite space. They are relaxing and colourful, and really speak to who Colin and I are as a couple. A few antique finds, an antler here and there, and mostly my own art on the walls. This is truly a place I feel at home in.

The fireplace holds a price from an early shipping crate, a jar of wine corks we have collected (save your judgement on the amount of corks in that one!) and a large glass jar full of the wooden handles from Colin’s Grandad’s tools. I think that jars full of “like” items are a fantastic way to decorate simply and to give a home to pieces that may otherwise not fit into your decor.

The kitchen is truly what sold us on the home. It is big and open, and has storage for days! I have a small…ummm major love for kitchen tools and gadgets, so the storage is a must! And all of the counter space has allowed me to show off a few of my LeCreuset pieces.

The chalkboard piggy and the EAT barn board sign are two of my own DIYs, as well as the green refinished bread box on the left counter.    
 The dining area has framed book pages (one of the rare times I ruined a book for decorating). I bought it cheap with the planned destruction, so take it easy, I am a bibliophile too!

The wall behind the table has been painted in stripes that alternate from matte and shiny. We did this by taping off the stripes and painting with varathane. We think it is just subtle enough.

We really worked to bring the turquoise and grass green throughout the main floor, so there is flow and cohesiveness.

This little nook is my personal excuse to buy new decor and update the tablescape periodically. Even with a small home, the hunt for the perfect piece to fit in “that spot” can make all the difference for the beauty of your home.  Our main bathroom was the most recently renovated room in the house. Lightening the walls and removing excess cabinetry really opened it up. When my sister in law and I found the shelf above the door, we fell in love! It fits perfect, draws the eye upward, and gives me more space to decorate – aka another excuse to shop at HomeSense.   

  Our entryway is lots of fun. I did up the subway art and the rest is pretty much all finds from HomeSense…I should really buy shares there.  

 We are so excited to move, and to find new spaces and places for all our fun decor. This was my first home where I really got to do what I wanted, so the next house will be even more exciting to fix up to our taste.

Next post – the bedroom and the backyard! But the end, I hope you want to move to small town Alberta and buy my house!

XOXO Aubrey


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