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Decorating My Bookshelves – Obsessive or Inspired?

I have two main bookcases in my living room. They have doors on the bottom that hide all sorts of DVDs, office supplies, and excess home decor that I am not currently using. I loved them in all their multicoloured book spine glory for years. But I had a fairly colourful living room already – grass green walls, turquoise and natural accents. I wanted to bookcase to fit in more. I wanted it to add to a feeling of calm in my living room. Because even if the rest of my life is in a state of chaos, my bookshelf doesn’t need to be.
So I took it to the streets…aka family and friends on Instagram and Facebook, to see what they thought.   

Mostly, I got no help, just comments of “I like it the way it is!” and “You clearly have too much time on your hands.” (I just let my dishes pile up while I do home decor projects, it’s all relative).

My older brother actually gave decent advice, to organize them by spine colour, which I had thought of too. Mostly because Martha Stewart’s BFF Kevin Sharkey does his that way and it is impressive! Also, I have seen it at Anthropologie, and they do no wrong.

But deep down, I wanted cream and brown and calm books, organized in delightful groupings on the shelves. And I had found such lovely inspiration!

 Willow Decor



 My Faux French Chateau

Full of ideas, I got to work! I started by ripping a bunch or the excess books off the shelves. They were full to bursting or books and decor, and they no longer told a story. And clearly I rushed with these “before” photos – I mean, there is a weight bar in the corner!  

Covering the books took some time, but a season of some crappy Netflix show and a pair of scissors gave me a chill afternoon. To make it easy, I layers each book down on the paper, traced the height of the book and cut the length with enough to cover the book and fold into the front cover. I taped the paper to the book cover using making tape. This made sure it would stay in place but wouldn’t damage the book if I wanted to remove it later.The fun part was writing the book titles on the spine. I used black, gold and bronze Sharpies to write the titles, and kept it interesting with a variety of fonts. If you suck at hand lettering, just do ALL CAPS – haha!

I kept any books that had neutral coloured spines as they were, for added texture and balance. All the was left was added some of my favourite treasures.

Here is the end result – I hope you are inspired! 

XOXO Aubrey

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PS – here is a gratuitous photo of Kiely, the blog dog 🙂


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