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Have Yourself a High Needs Holiday

This Christmas, we are doing things a little differently. We are foregoing traditional gifts, and instead letting everyone know how their gift money was lovingly spent on Kiely, the high needs wiener dog.

Merry Christmas Mom! 

This Christmas your gift budget went towards Kiely’s bloodwork. This made sure she has the right levels of all her medication in her system, and also checked her liver to be sure her medication isn’t, in fact, slowly killing her.  

Merry Christmas Paul!

My wonderful big brother – I know you love my little doggie as much as me, so your Christmas budget went towards her seizure medication. Thanks to you, Kiely has been seizure free for MONTHS! Granted, this is me being cheap; she was on these meds last Christmas too.   

Merry Christmas Dad!

You know how much Kiely’s insane barking makes you crazy? Well…she is now on anxiety meds ever since we moved. She just doesn’t like our new digs and all the new sounds (does anyone even say “new digs” anymore?). So we wrapped up an empty pill bottle so you would at least have something to open.

Merry Christmas Shep!

Sweet little nephew – we love you so. But let’s face it, at 15 months you don’t have a clue who gave you what for the holidays. So your budget bought Kiely a pile of homeopathic remedies that we tried, to ease her anxiety, before finally going the medication route. What are the chances you would fit her Thunder Shirt?

ps – she wore a hat at your birthday party. That should count for something.  

Bloodwork $150 per round

Seizure meds $35/month

Anxiety meds $40/month

Thundershirt $50

Oils and tinctures and pheromones and calming treats $50+




On the upside, I didn’t have to pay for shipping! 

Merry Christmas!

XOXO Aubrey

If you love Kiely, check us out on Instagram @LusciousandLively. Pretty much 50% of my posts are of her.



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