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L&L Greatest Hits: My Favourite Christmas Movies

OK OK OK…I feel like a 90’s pop artist by posting a “greatest hit” on such a baby blog…but really. This list is gold. In case you missed it in good old 2014, here it is. Also improved with more pictures and less typos. Haha!

I love Christmas. The music, the lights, the food! One of my favourite holiday traditions is Christmas movies. I love to watch great Christmas movies to get me in the mood for the season, and they are usually feel-good movies that beg you to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate or a glass of wine, and just enjoy. No high stress action scenes with everyone getting shot (unless you count Die Hard, I guess). Just warm and cozy scenes that, hopefully, remind you what Christmas is all about.

So without further ado…here are my 10 favourite Christmas movies…my “must watch” picks for the cold nights ahead. In no particular order…

1. The Holiday
  Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz tell such a sweet and heartfelt love story. I am a sucker for a RomCom and this is one I watch pretty much every year. It is funny and has a true, Christmas, happy ending.

2. Love Actually

With a huge A-list cast, this is one of the few of this genre that actually succeeded, in my opinion. I actually laugh out loud, and this movie is often bittersweet, but in the end warms the heart. And who doesn’t love a cheesy Christmas version of an 80’s pop hit?

3. White Christmas

 Seriously. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. If you don’t watch this, you must be a Scrooge! Bing Crosby is my #1 Christmas music crush, and he is gorgeous in this movie. It is such a classic and the scenes and songs hold a special place in my heart.

4. Elf

 Will Ferrell kills me. I can no longer get in an elevator without something inside me wanting to press every button and say “It looks like a Christmas tree!” This movie is one that my husband will actually sit down and watch with me without a serious guilt trip required.

5. The Year Without Santa Claus
  A lesser known puppet movie. I love the crazy songs, and the out there storyline. So much disjointed puppet dancing!

Along with this puppet movie is another called Here Comes Santa Claus…the back story of Kris Kringle. Because Santa is a ginger…and there is a character called Burgermeistermeisterburger. Yeah.

6. Sound of Music
  Not technically a Christmas movie, but one so many families watch at Christmas. We used to watch this every year with my Grandparents on Christmas Eve, unless we watched White Christmas. It really holds sweet memories for me!

7. The Night They Saved Christmas
  Ok, this is a really random 80’s Christmas movie about a family whose father works in oil drilling. The kids try to keep the drilling from destroying Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. My parents recorded this off the TV, and I can honestly say the trip to the North Pole made me believe in Santa so much more as a kid. Be prepared for 80’s cheese and matching snowsuits. I love it best when the sound is garbled in spots from my Mom starting and stopping the recording during commercial breaks.

8. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  No Christmas movie list is complete without this puppetry favourite. Quirky, cute, and with songs you will have stuck in your head until July, this one is fun for grown ups and kids!

9. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

 Colin’s favourite Christmas movie, hands down. This isn’t one for the kids, but it is off-colour enough for adults to enjoy. I think it really captures the insanity of family Christmas…if your family was over-the-top crazy.

Put your Christmas dickie on and get ready to laugh…even if you feel bad about it.

10. Jingle All the Way
  This is actually another one of Colin’s favourites, but with classic Arnold Schwarzenegger lines like “PUT DA COOOKIE DOWWWN! NOW!” this 80’s Classic is good fun! Deep down, I hate this movie, but I have so many friends who love it, I had to include it.

Happy watching! Are any of these your favourite? Which Christmas movies do you watch every year?

XOXO Aubrey

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