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The Best Etsy Shops for a Handmade Holiday 

Some of my favourite Christmas gifts were handmade. My Mom knitted me a blanket for my bed in all my favourite colours; my brother and sister sewed me a bean bag turtle; I made my Mom a salt dough nativity. 

That nativity set made her cry – CHRISTMAS BONUS POINTS!!!

Suffice it to say, a handmade gift is a gift from the heart. Those little lumps of dough were hidden under my bed for weeks as I waited for Mom to be away, so I could bake them. Then I painted in the details in my room with a “PLEASE KNOCK, ELVES AT WORK!” sign on my door. 

My mom knitted me a twin size blanket. If you knit, you know how long it can take to make big projects like that.

Love, you guys – handmade gifts show love. You just don’t spend that kind of time for someone who you don’t hold dear. 

But the brutally honest fact is sometimes we want to gift someone with that kind of heartfelt gift, but we just don’t get it done. Like the year my sister got a bag full of quilt squares that I had printed photos of us on, but never assembled it. Yeah. Not cool grade 12 Aubrey. 

Sister quilt idea…A+

Sister quilt execution…D-

So for those kinds of years, I love Etsy. There are so many handmade options, but someone else has all the talent. Here are my favourite Etsy shops.

1. PebbleShackGoods

Yup, nepotism at its finest. But seriously, my sis-in-law churns out the cutest stuff for PebbleShackGoods. And she is majorly A-type, so the quality is top notch and she isn’t late getting items delivered. 

Her shop is mostly Mom and Baby, with a few knitted items for everyone. Those little wallets? SO CUTE. And the bandana bibs kill me – every stylish baby needs one!

Check her out – she will be adding even more items as her shop grows!   

2. Bookity 

Bookity is from London, and they do the greatest items made from book pages. After your momentary shock about cut up books, you will want all the delicious accessories from your favourite authors.

Earrings from Pride and Prejudice? Elizabeth and Darcy close to me all day; I ardently admire and love that idea.

Or give your lawyer husband some To Kill a Mockingbird cuff links – the wisdom of Atticus Finch will come to him “off the cuff.” Ok, that was a stretch. But the cuff links are gorgeous!

  And if you didn’t get my Pride and Prejudice joke, do yourself a favour and watch the 8 hour BBC movie. Colin Firth at his finest.

3. StaticeJewellery

This page is another Canadian gem. StaticeJewellery is out of Vancouver, BC and this shop is full of all that glitters. Definitely the kind of handmade the average person isn’t whipping up on their own. So many gorgeous items, I drool all over the computer screen. 

And the best part is, these aren’t going to break the bank…unless you want them to. That oval druzy necklace is less than $35.

Delicious stuff.


4. Looiko 

I have been looking for a phone case that stills allows my iPhone’s gorgeous gold colour show through. Looiko has so many of this style, and they are just beautiful and simple.


5. LaMoreDesign

Proposing this Christmas? Head over to LaMoreDesign. The jewellery is to die for, is certified, and is so reasonable in cost. So many of the pieces are vintage inspired and delicate.

Also, there are some anniversary bands in there that I need to show Colin. So he can start saving.   

Do you have any Etsy shops I need to know about? 

Happy (online, handmade) shopping!

xoxo Aubrey


One thought on “The Best Etsy Shops for a Handmade Holiday 

  1. Hahaha! That quilt! You still have the pieces somewhere. Or Mom does… Reminds me of the dragon hatchling figurine I never got made for Dad… Way to go, us!

    Looks like homemade crocheted stockings won’t happen this year, for the fourth year running. I should have made them before I had kids!!!


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