Rustic Glam Christmas Cards Tutorial

I have been busy over the last week or so, getting Christmas cards made to ship off to family and friends. Usually I buy my cards, and last year I sent off photo cards, but this year I had extra time on my hands so I decided to make my own.

I have made a few different designs, trying to improve on my first attempts as I went along. The six I am sharing with you are my favourites. I will give the breakdown of 3 today, and 3 more on Wednesday.

I love the rustic look that is so popular lately, with neutral shades and twine and burlap. But it is Christmas after all, so most of them got jazzed up with the most Christmassy craft item of them all – GLITTER!!!

The nice thing about most of these is the ability to use whatever holiday stamps and die cuts that you have, and use the templates as a jumping off point. I will include sources for as many items as I can, so that you can recreate them exactly if you would like.

#1 – Rudolph the Golden Reindeer



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