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But Mary Treasured…

There is a simple verse that I love; one that is quietly tucked into the Christmas story. The shepherds have just visited the holy family, and are now travelling to spread the news.

And then there it is, Luke 2:19:

“But Mary treasured up these things, and  pondered them in her heart.” 

 Her day had been full, and exhausting. But she knew these were moments to cherish.

I feel like in our rushed, broken, busy lives, this verse can speak more to us than all the descriptions of wise men and singing angels. 

Yes, the Christmas story is, at its core, a telling the miracle of the birth of Jesus. But I like the story this verse tells.

Mary treasured her memories of that day, and would think over them often.

 How often are life’s moments missed when we can’t Instagram them, or sum them up in a 140 character Tweet? Often the moments that go unshared are the most meaningful or heart wrenching. 

For me, it was when my brother pulled my hand close to him after his heart surgery; when my nephew closed his eyes and leaned in for extra kisses; when one of my best friends hugged me tight and cried with me when I had just been layed off. These were huge, emotional moments in my year. But they didn’t earn a spot on my Facebook “year in review.”

These are moments that are purely based on emotion, love and closeness. Moments that can only be captured by the heart. 

What are these moments for you this year? These are the moments that matter. These are the moments that Christmas is all about.

Treasure up all these things…

Merry Christmas

XOXO Aubrey


One thought on “But Mary Treasured…

  1. Thank you for sharing this Aubrey. It is so important to pause and take a deep breath amidst all the hustle and bustle, baking and preparing, decorating and cleaning to remember to ponder the most important things in our lives! Especially the Christmas story and the Saviour that she so tenderly held in her arms.

    I’ve been remembering many special moments while baking and preparing the traditional Christmas recipes that all of us enjoy. Remembering my Mom and special moments we shared while I bake her Rum & Butter tarts and, yes, wishing she was still with us to celebrate this occasion – and Dad so he could have “just one more!” Preparing the Dutch Raisin Treat and remembering the gal from Cloverdale EV Free Church that shared the recipe with me. Making the tart shells and remembering Jeanola Tatum sharing her pie pastry recipe that is the only one I ever use now.

    You have also posted a beautiful picture of the nativity!


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