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I Think a Change Will Do You Good

The blog has sat stagnant since Christmas – but my life has done nothing of the sort! Colin and I have completely blown up our lives; we sold our home in October, moved in with family…all for the end goal that is slowly moving into place.

Last fall we decided, after much discussion and prayer, to move to BC. Colin will run his own business with a close friend and former coworker. We have both given up our Alberta careers for a chance at living life on our own terms.

Colin had a very stressful career, and despite his education and years of hard work to get where he was, it wasn’t the career he wanted, in the end. It is funny how we can want something so badly at 19 that doesn’t quite line up with where you want to be at 30!  

I was part of a mass layoff in November, which threw a major monkey wrench into our original plan. It was hard to leave my job before I expected to, as I loved what I did as a Tech Writer. So for now, Colin is working at the new business while I live with Mom and Dad.

Over and over we are seeing signs that this move is the right one for us. It is easy to stay working in the status quo, giving your time and life for a career that you aren’t satisfied in.   

In the meantime, it can be difficult to write a blog when you don’t have your own home to decorate, and all your stuff is in storage. But my Mom is eager to have me living with her, as a chance to get some home decor, furniture refinishing, and general ‘to-do’ tasks off the checklist! So I will have some projects for the blog, to try to keep this little corner of my creative life chugging along.

Thanks for joining along with me in the journey!

xoxo Aubrey



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