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The Easiest Easter Eggs You Will Make This Year!

I enjoyed this simple craft so much, I am sharing it all for you for this Easter. Grab some Sharpies and have fun!
I love Easter. The chocolate, the eggs, the songs at church that I have sung all my life. This year I did a little Easter shopping with my sister-in-law for some new Easter decor. I found these plastic eggs at Walmart. So much easier than using real eggs – and they can be packed away and used for next year! And only $2!   


My first thought was to modge podge some pretty paper on them, but I didn’t want the mess. The I thought about writing Easter verses around the egg. Two eggs later and I knew my penmanship was NOT up to par. Hence the two missing eggs in the carton. 

  And then it came to me – Sharpies. Clean, easy, and I could scribble while I watched Grey’s Anatomy. I did a different design on each one using my gold Sharpie pen. I left one white because I ran out of ideas…erm…it looked so clean and fresh.


Those two wasted eggs really bothered my picky side, so I used my Martha Stewart Metallic Gold Acrylic craft paint and covered up my mess. Can you say the chicken that laid the golden egg?!?!


I put the eggs in my decorative bird cage – so pretty and festive! 

Be sure to share your project with me! Tag me on social media!

Happy Crafting!

XO Aubrey

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