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A Little Table Gets New Life

During this major life upheaval, I have been living with my Mom and Dad. It has been fun working on home decor projects with my Mom while I have been here. We share a love for repurposing and refinishing! 

On top of that, my Mom is very sentimental about furniture. She has many pieces of furniture that were in the home she grew up in, and she wants to keep and use them as much as possible. Enter this tiny table.

In my grandparent’s Delta, BC home, my Mom had gotten her first “big girl” room. And girly it was! Pink and white and ballerina-themed, it was a feminine retreat for a 5 year old!

I am sure much of my love for refinishing comes from my Grandma Rodgers. This adorable table was originally painted pink and white by her, to match the vanity in the bedroom and complete the cotton candy colour scheme.  

 So my Mom hung onto the little table (and the vanity) over the years. It has lived in the spare bedroom, adorable but sticking out from the bedroom’s blues and greens – and not the right kind of “stand out piece!” Not to mention the table had its fair share of chips and dings.

So we gave it new life. We used Fusion Mineral Paint by Homestead House Paint Co. It is a dream to use! Minimal prep (just a light sanding), and fabulous coverage (only 2 coats to cover the pink!). It was a great product! It also has that chalky matte finish I love on a vintage piece, and has a built in top coat. No need to maintain a wax finish over the years! You can wax it if you want, or use their Tough Coat product to give it a super durable finish. On our piece we used the Tough Coat just on the very top, to avoid the scratches and dings that often come with bedside tables . 

We used the Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement for the white, and Inglenook, which is a gorgeous green-blue, for the rest. It makes me want to paint everything I see in Inglenook!

The paint went on like butter, so smooth and creamy. It didn’t drag or lay on major brush marks. Mom and I worked it together, following Grandma’s lead and keeping the white accents in the same places. We then used an American Decor stencil on top with the Casement colour. It gives it that extra visual interest and makes the piece really special.

We are so happy with the end result – what do you think? Are you going to try Fusion Mineral Paint for your next project?

PS – that photo on the table is my favourite of Grandma and Grandpa. I thought Grandma should have a place in the reveal, since she started it all.

XOXO Aubrey


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