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Chocolate Easter Treats I Can’t Wait to Make!

Easter is only a week away, so naturally I have started thinking about chocolate. For most of the year, I am a die-hard gummy candy lover. Chocolate is a take-it-or-leave-it kind of thing for me…unless it is chocolate covered licorice, or ju-jubes, or a Big Turk. 

But when Easter rolls around, I break the rules. I would slap a baby (#kiddingnotkidding) for a bag of Mini Eggs, and I slip into a sugar coma after one too many Cadbury Creme Eggs. Pure bliss. 

Don’t even get me started on a solid milk chocolate bunny so big it takes weeks to consume. And possible a machete to cut it. 

With all of this chocolate inspired reverie, I have come up with a list of Easter goodies guaranteed to please any chocoholic. 

Let’s start with a twist on a classic. These hot cross buns from Simply Delicious are filled with chocolate chunks. They are a sure fire upgrade from raisins…or as I sarcastically call them “nature’s candy.”

These are impressive and they are only four ingredients! And one of those ingredients is Oreos. So basically Gimme Some Oven knows my number. I once wrote a two page essay on the delicious simplicity of the Oreo Cookie in senior high. Not. Even. Joking. I love them that much. 

This is chocolate babka from Alexandra Cooks. Every time I say chocolate babka I say it like Elaine on Seinfeld. Chok-lat Bob-ka. I really need to eat this. And say it again. Chok-lat Bob-ka.

Peeps pops. Gimme Some Oven does such fun and simple Easter treats I gave them a double feature on this post! Seriously, these are Peeps marshmallow bunnies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Even the kiddos can make these! And you can cry as they run around the house refusing to sleep at night from all the sugar!

Here it is folks. I saved the best for last. This dessert is Easter sweets on steroids. It takes the McDonald’s Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry and laughs in its face. It asks you “did you wear your stretchy pants?” It is the reason you saved room after all that ham and scalloped potatoes. It is no bake so even the oven-challenged can pull it off. Well done Taming Twins. Well done. Slow clap.

Try one or try them all! Which one are you dying to make…or eat?

XOXO Aubrey


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