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Dream Homes and Lemon Tarts

I spent the last week in the British Columbia Lower Mainland, visiting my hubby as he gears up for our Big Life Reset, and enjoying the sights and sun (and rain) in that area. Obviously we had the requisite beach visit involving fish and chips, as well as a trip to Richmond for hot pot. 

On our full day off, we decided to head to Fort Langley for antiquing, checking out the cutesie shops, and my personal favourite, driving around staring at other peoples’ homes. Fort Langley ranges in homes from the downtrodden to the dream home, and there are plenty with character to spare. Fort Langley real estate is also abhorrently expensive, so at this point creeping around with my cell phone camera is as good as it gets. Note to self – learn to keep power lines out of photos. Not super easy out the window of the car. Creeper level: 9.

 This yellow one was the first to catch my eye. The red door, the shutters, the magnolia tree. It is like a little slice of the South up here in Canada.

This little Victorian just drips with character. I love all of the wrought iron work, the bold contrasting colours, and the spindles on the roof line. Such a yummy home.This home was surrounded by beautiful greenery. But that porch, the details, and the roof lines just take the cake. I mean, the gazebo on the porch? I want one! I absolutely adore this home. The historic red siding, the wrap around porch. I love that it has that farmhouse appeal but is still so bright and welcoming.This house definitely has dream home status. Copper awnings, the wooden door, the stone chimney…and that turret!!! Do you think they would notice if I move in?

All of the gawking at homes and looking at antique shops had me hungry, and Fort Langley has so many coffee shops I have no idea how the population supports them all! We went to Blacksmith Bakery, a spot with a great atmosphere and even better treats. We shared their bread pudding with dolce de leche sauce, and a lemon meringue tart. Both were amazing!

A sweet end to a delicious day. 




One thought on “Dream Homes and Lemon Tarts

  1. What a great day and oh my those houses…and okay those treats!! Love how you write about this little adventure of yours! Grabs my imagination and transports me right to Fort Langley!


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