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Small Space (tiny space?) Inspiration 

I always get a laugh out of “small space” articles in the major home decorating magazine. Like “This small living room is only 500 square feet!” In my last home, my entire main floor was about 650 square feet, so a living room that size would make me want to spin around in a full version of “The Hills are Alive.”


If you live in a large city with pricy real estate, you probably get the *actual* idea of what small spaces can look like. Since Colin and I are doing this whole life reboot, we will likely be in a rental apartment all over again, living in a seriously. small. space.

I want to be excited to decorate. I want a layout that seems open and airy without making all your friends sit on the floor. I want it to feel like an adult lives there. This isn’t my apartment from when I was 20 and I had sourced my entire look from Ikea and the futon store. Ohhhh I wish I was kidding…

Here are some of my favourite truly small spaces, so I can look forward to my next decorating challenge, erm…opportunity. Bright, open and ample seating? Check, check, check. Love this room from Decoholic

 I love the use of mirrors and glass to really keep this space from This Is Glamorous feeling open.

  This main living space from Dear Lillie might just be my favourite. Despite the fact that the kitchen, dining and living rooms are so close, the space feel cozy and cohesive instead of piled up and cluttered.

  This super girly setup from DezignUp gives me hope for a sectional, despite space limitations. Pretty sure Colin will want me to pass on the pink.

  Saving the best for last! I love the full wall of bookcases in this room from Daily Dream Decor. Anything to fit all my beloved books in a small home.
With all of these gorgeous ideas, I almost can’t wait for my little space!

xoxo Aubrey


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