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DIY Wood Wreath

I wanted to share this tutorial again. This wreath brings such delicious texture to a wall, and can be used both inside and out.  A couple of summers ago I stayed at my parent’s lake property in BC, and my Mom and I were feeling the need to be creative after many days of sitting in the sun. Apparently figuring out the best way to read a book and drink a Palm Bay at the same time wasn’t enough!

We sent my brother to Michaels to pick up wreath forms on his run to town (he was not impressed…but gave in to my whining loves me so much he had to) and my Mom and I set out into the woods to “shop for supplies.”

The particular area had a lot of fallen trees, and no shortage of branches. I was looking for something that looked more like greyed-out driftwood, and my Mom wanted one made of small burls.

A burl, for those who don’t know, is a rounded, deformed tree growth. And it is actually quite unique and pretty. Large burls on the trunk of a tree are often cut into coffee tables and such, but the small ones is what we were after.

After we had bags and bags of sticks (we got a fair whack of exercise getting our stuff!) we set up our supplies: 12″ wire wreath forms and a glue gun! This isn’t a craft that requires you to buy a ton of stuff!

Working from the outside in, we glued pieces into place. This is where patience comes in handy, and you shift and move pieces until they find their place on the wreath. Apply some glue on the wreath form and hold the wood in place; once the glue has set, glue it from the back to be sure it is secure. Be prepared to burn your fingers. Over and over and over again. #craftworldproblems

Or just be careful.



Once all pieces are in place, check for any visible frame wires and cover them from behind with small pieces. And that is it! Be forewarned, this project will take you 2-3 hours, longer if you are super picky like me! But take your time and the finished product will be worth it. What I really love is you can source items in your area – driftwood if you live by the ocean, birch bark would be gorgeous. Make one that suits your look and region, then it will feel even more special. Please don’t kill a tree to get your supplies – there should be enough on the ground.

Have fun!

xoxo Aubrey




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