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Springtime Neighbourhood Tour

I am thoroughly enjoying the warm spring weather. Any excuse to shove my winter coats to the back of the closet works for me!

Earlier this week Mom and I went for a drive around one of the older sections of Prince George, to ogle some of the historic home eye candy they have there. There are some truly unique homes in this area – almost enough to tempt me to move to Prince George permanently. And then I remember -40 Celsius winters. Have you ever had your nostrils freeze shut? I have.

On that lovely note, here are my favourites for the day! 

 Despite the fact that this home has a simple design, the colours the homeowners have chosen make it super cute. It feels like the most adorable dollhouse and I want to play there all day! I can’t wait to see this once the garden greens up in the summer. 

Again, the colours here are just yummy. So bright and cheerful. Even if the doggie wasn’t too impressed with my photography.

 I just love the scalloped details!  And the little white picket fence is too perfect.


This house has such a unique shape. Not to mention the colour of the trim, and those window pane details. Character and charm ooze out of this home!

I can’t decide if I like the previous house the most, or this one. The entryway on this home is just perfect, and I am a sucker for all those shutters. Also, double brick chimney. Yaaaassss.

Which one is your favourite? Comment below!!!

xoxo Aubrey



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