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Step Away From The Brush

I am the first to admit it, 90 percent of the furniture pieces I see, my first thought is “how would I paint it?” It drives my husband and my dad crazy, not to mention all the wood “purists” out there. But I like to paint most pieces in my house.

Yes, I won’t touch a pristine wooden antique. But if it needs to be lighter, or brighter, or the finish is just plain ugly, my first thought is “Paint it!” Let’s face it, painted and unpainted wood go in and out of style. Think of those 90’s knotty pine kitchens, or the dark wood paneling of the 70’s. And right now I like paint.

But sometimes, even I need to take a minute and step away from the brush.

Take these babies. My Mom bought them from a garage sale for $5 and they have been living in her garden shed.  So I thought we would paint them the same shade as the dresser-turned-cabinet. But before I broke out the brush I noticed they had a stamp on the base marked “Baribocraft.” So I Googled it.

It turns out Baribocraft is a French-Canadian company from the 60’s and 70’s and their work is fairly collectible. Jamie Oliver even collects their wooden bowls.  

This set is worth $50-$75. Not bad for a garage sale find!

So Mom and I wiped them down, and conditioned the wood with beeswax, and they look gorgeous. I am so glad we did our research!

xoxo Aubrey   


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