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Kitchen Dresser Reveal!

For weeks (months?) I have been tempting and taunting you with sneak peeks of the dresser my mom and I have been working to repurpose into kitchen storage. I perused Pinterest inspiration with you, and for my Instagram followers, threw in some in progress photos. It took so long because we wanted this baby to look perfect. And oh, does she ever!

Here is a little reminder of her former glory. We found the dresser as part of a set at OPT Antiques in Prince George, BC.At this point we were trying to sand out gouges in the poly coating and the plan was to paint the whole thing white. Insert ongoing feedback from every man in my family. *sigh* We chewed through so much sandpaper, and then the unthinkable happened…

My Dad was right.

It pains me to admit it. No amount of sanding was going to even out the chips; we needed to strip the top of the dresser. When we first started the project, I thought we might want to do a wood top and a white base, but Mama wanted all-white. And the idea sounded gorgeous and bright and clean for a kitchen. Then we stripped the top. The wood grain was to die for.  This photo does not do justice to the wave maple grain that was going on. We hemmed. We hawed. We decided to stain the top. Men in close proximity had the intelligence to quit while they were ahead and not suggest stripping and staining the whole enchilada.

At this point, we had been into our local Fusion Mineral Paint distributor numerous times. Sandi was beyond helpful, and gave us  so many tips. One fabulous tip was to condition the wood top prior to staining, to prevent uneven application.

 As you can see the wood was thirsty, and the Minwax Conditioner and Dark Maple Stain went on so nicely together. Yaaaassss! At this point Mom and I were regularly jumping around giving ourselves self-congratulatory high fives.
 The wood top was then sealed using the new matte formula of the Fusion Tough Coat. This will keep it looking its best despite living in the kitchen.

Next we started painting. We used Fusion Mineral Paint by Homestead House, and their line of brushes. I love Fusion so much. As I mentioned when we painted the side table, it goes on so smoothly and has great coverage. Since the dresser was so dark and we were going with their Casement white, we used their paint blocker as a base coat. This blocker just helps lessen the number of coats of paint required, and prevents any bleed-through.

The Casement white is so pretty, and a true bright white. To me, it is the exact shade of school chalk! Sweet memories of clapping erasers… 

Ok, so here she is, our beautiful dresser! I hope you love her as much as we do! 

Just look at the lines and the details! 

 Not to mention that beautiful wood top!

 After the photo session she has been moved to the kitchen. Stay tuned for the full kitchen redecoration next week!

XOXO Aubrey

* Special thanks to Sandi at The Missing Piece, Prince George, BC for all your help and invaluable advice!


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