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Rustic and Relaxed Decor 

As I shared a couple of weeks ago, our next home will likely be much smaller than our previous one, and this might give me a few challenges on the decorating front. But in an effort to look for the bright side (new beginnings, a fresh space, condo fees!) I also remind myself that smaller spaces require smaller budgets if I want to revamp how our home looks and feels.

Our last space had a lot of colour. The walls in my living room were green. Yeah, that paint chip said grass cloth, but what it meant was Kermit. I worked with it and enjoyed the space, but I am dreaming of something more neutral. Especially in a small space, I want that visual calm. I really want to eye to be drawn in by texture, rather than jumping from colour to colour.   source unknown 

This space suits Colin and I perfectly. He would love the moose antlers, I adore that coffee table. I mean, I can ignore the fact it would be a dusty nightmare that requires more vacuuming than the area rug, and just focus on its sheer beauty, right?!?! Unless you spill a drink. Then it’s game over.   Restoration Hardware

So let’s just get this stone-topped bad boy. Indestructible. Gorgeous. Comes with a moss bowl.  Restoration Hardware

When the moss dies from my black thumb, I can fill the bowl with scrolls made from my unpaid bills. Kidding. I get e-bills.

That beam!!! I feel like this beam could work in a smaller space, unlike ceiling joist beams. No high ceilings required! Also, I love the soft accents of turquoise. I’m not giving up my turquoise.  I took this photo at a show home during last year’s indecisive “where are we living? What are we doing with our lives?” stage. This driftwood sculpture is just begging to fill some awkward corner of my next home. Begin epic beach combing!

I know – ceiling beams. But on a whole, this living room just gets me. And that couch bed thingy will be worth its weight in reading time. And wine drinking. 

I can’t wait to get started on my new place! Give me your thoughts – what natural textures do you think I should bring to our space?

XOXO Aubrey

PS – As a totally unrelated side note, I am writing this in bed, and my new eye cream sample (because wrinkles) is burning out my retinas. #over30problems 


2 thoughts on “Rustic and Relaxed Decor 

  1. love these beams…hate the moose antlers or anything that looks like a guys log cabin YUCK. you asked for our thoughts….how about some white ironstone? Martha Stewart showcases a lot of that.


    1. Yes – I LOVE white iron stone – great idea! I have to keep some antlers to keep my hubby happy, but I totally get that they aren’t everyone’s taste. 🙂
      I am hoping for white dishes similar to iron stone for my next dish set. It would be so gorgeous!


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