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The Kitchen Remodel: Before

I know. I know. I said the reveal would be Wednesday! It will be Friday – I promise!!! By the time I edited and prepped all the photos I had a novel prepared for a blog post, so I have split it into two. This way we can all wait 24 hours in anticipation of the next installment.

My Mom and I have been discussing redecorating her kitchen for some time now. Family room updates made the kitchen feel dated, and we really wanted to brighten it up and bring in some of the cream tones from the family room.  
My parents are slowly replacing their white appliances with stainless steel, so we worked with existing pieces. We wanted to freshen and update, not renovate and overhaul! As you can see in this photo, the above cabinet decor was a hodgepodge of tins and antique lanterns. Basically anything really cute had migrated to the family room and the kitchen had the leftovers. The overall feel was pretty much late 90’s American farmhouse. Chickens and green checked ruffled curtains. Say that 5 times fast! My Mom wanted change and to move toward a more French country feel but wasn’t sure where to start. The kitchen has this gorgeous deep bay window, but a recent lack of storage had turned this window into a storage space. This consequently made my Mom slightly crazy every time she looked at it. The paint in the sill had taken a beating over the last 20 years and was chipping pretty badly. The glass door cabinets on the left are a recent addition, as my Mom has a gorgeous pottery set and wanted it on display. Unfortunately the new cupboard only has 2 shelves (the previous cupboard had 3) so this is where the storage issue occurred.  

The cabinet under the window was much too small for the space, and didn’t provide the needed storage. The corner heart shelf was dated and felt out of place. And more of those ruffled curtains!

But I had a plan. Light, airy, and much less visual clutter. I wanted Mom’s kitchen to feel new, even if we didn’t have the budget for a major overhaul. And the kitchen has great bones, it just needs a little sprucing up!

Tomorrow I will post the full reveal – it is gorgeous! Even Dad continually comments on “how nice the kitchen is.”

Until tomorrow,

XOXO Aubrey

*** Tiny sneak peek!***  


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