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The Kitchen Remodel: After

My Mom’s kitchen. She probably spends more time here than in any other room of the house. Cooking, baking, visiting, cleaning. I wanted her kitchen to be inviting and beautiful.

Check out the kitchen before we started.

She really loves the French country feel so we leaned in that direction for the decor.  The refinished dresser is now under the window. It fits the spot perfectly, and provides much needed storage.   The hardware on the dresser was switched out to stainless cup pulls, to match with the metals in the rest of the kitchen. 

 We replaced the green checked toppers with a light linen that allowed the light to stream into the window. They are accented with a thin jute ribbon.  

The top of the cabinets were redecorated. My Mom and I searched all through her home and garden shed to find rustic and natural decor. It is amazing what you can find in the back of a shed! Or at least in my Mom’s shed! Maybe you don’t have a collectible wooden canister set in yours…

 We used mostly wood, glass and tin, with the odd hit of greenery. This kept the decor up top cohesive. It is also important to really edit what is up there. I wanted it to feel deliberate, not like we chucked every kitchen antique we could get our hands on, above the cupboards.

 The grate above the stove is an old shoe mat. We cleaned it with a wire brush and then oiled it, to keep the delicious rusty patina. We also moved the toaster onto a tray beside the stove, along with jars of butter and other breakfast must-haves. 

 This is the display cabinet for the pottery. We moved pieces around to allow the most unique ones to shine! Above the cabinet we used simple tin planters with greenery. This keeps it from visually competing with the pottery. 

 The sink area has gone from the area that was the biggest problem to my FAVOURITE part of the kitchen. Using the same linen and ribbon as the other toppers, we made an awning for above the sink. It balances the cabinets and it just way too adorable! Like your own French bakery right in your home! 

In the windowsill we covered all the nicks and scratches with this gorgeous wood. It has been distressed and stained and sets off the space. 

As a complete 180 from the storage space it used to be, it now holds potted herbs. They will do wonderfully with the sunshine that just pours into this window all afternoon!  

 We are beyond happy with the end result! Not to mention the budget!

I will be posting tutorials for a bunch of the projects we completed, over the coming weeks. So many of them are unbelievably simple and make a huge impact.


Cutting Board Recipe Display

Window French Cafe Awning

Reclaimed Wood Windowsill

Which part of the kitchen remodel is your favourite? Anything you want to try in your home?

XOXO Aubrey



8 thoughts on “The Kitchen Remodel: After

  1. I am absolutely thrilled with my “new” kitchen! The wooden piece we created on the windowsill has completely changed my sentiments about that area of the kitchen – loving the rustic way the wood looks and the beauty that the pots and herbs bring to the window! Am also pleased that my creation for displaying pics of our grandchildren fits in nicely! There wasn’t much of a budget to work with and I am quite tickled with the low ticket on the remodel. Thanks so much Aubrey! This was a ton of fun to do with you!!


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