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Family Recipe Display: Tutorial 

I recently finished redecorating my Mom’s kitchen with her. While we were going for a brighter, more neutral space, we still wanted it to suit her and the things she loves. My Mom is very sentimental, especially when it comes to items that belonged to her parents. Beside the sink she has previously hung a xylophone-type instrument that my Grandmother had hung in her kitchen as a dinner bell. With the new awning and decor it wasn’t going to fit, so I looked for ideas to replace it with something equally sentimental. 

My Mom had my Grandma’s old recipe box, so we searched for the ones in her handwriting. We decided on Uncooked Peanut Butter Cookies (what?!) and Pizza Crust. 

There is something special about a recipe card in a loved one’s writing; a peanut butter smudge here, a worn corner there. It is like a little piece of them attached itself to it.

I grabbed a small cutting board we had found in a second hand store. It was $1. Hey big spender!

Any wooden board will do. The hole in the handle meant it would be easy to hang. A flat board could be repurposed by attaching a picture hanger to the reverse side.

I clipped the recipe cards to mini clothes pins. If you have a larger board, you can display more recipes, or display a mix of recipes and photos. The clothes pins allow you to switch out the recipes, especially if you have a good mix of seasonal recipe cards. Grandma’s potato salad in the summer and fruitcake for Christmas!

I marked on the board where the clothes pins should sit, then applied glue to the surface.

I held the clothes pins in place with elastics while the glue dried, to make sure they didn’t slide around and adhered properly. This is as complex as it gets today – haha!

Once it dried we were ready to go! A tutorial so easy you can even pull it off on a Monday.

Do you have any family recipe cards? Who did they belong to? Any weird recipes?

XOXO Aubrey


7 thoughts on “Family Recipe Display: Tutorial 

  1. I love this! I’ve been looking for cute recipe card holders for a while now, since I use recipe cards to cook ALL the time (and they get really gross if they’re laying next to whatever I’m making)—I guess I can just make one! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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