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French Cafe Awning for the Kitchen

Here is the final tutorial for the gorgeous kitchen makeover! Do you need to catch up? Check out the before pictures and the big reveal.

Check out the tutorials for your favourite pieces: the cabinet dresser, the recipe display, and the distressed windowsill.

Today I want to share how to do your own cafe awning in your kitchen. The best part is all you need to know how to do is sew a straight seam, paint a stencil and do a little math. Just adding! Not even algebra!

The previous kitchen drapery was green checkered ruffles.

We wanted a big impact, and a cafe awning was perfect!

Because the bay window is so deep, it really balances the window and visually brings it out into the space.

We also sewed matching toppers for the two side windows. These were a flat valance as opposed to more awnings. Three awnings would have been overkill!

Ok, here’s the how-to!

You will need:

– Fabric with a linen texture. The amount will depend on your window measurements.

– Matching thread

– Contrasting ribbon (we used a jute style)

– Clear thread or iron-on adhesive tape

– 2 tension rods

As it goes with any sewing project, measure twice, cut once. We measured the width from cupboard to cupboard first, then used a yardstick to visualize how angled and high the awning would be. We drew it all out, and added the appropriate seam allowances. To make life easy we made all the seam allowances 1 inch.

Since our fabric was so light, we doubled it over, so our measurements looked like this:

Cupboard to cupboard 51.5″+ 1″ fold allowance on each side = Cut fabric 53.5″ wide.

The awning starts with a folded crease at the base. 2″ for the flap of the awning + 1.5″ casing for the rod + 14″ for the main section + 1.5″ casing for the second rod +  1″ rise + 1″ seam allowance

2+1.5+14+1.5+1+1= Cut fabric 21″ high.

(Folded fabric cut at 53.5 x 21)

If I lost you, this might help – I hope!

This is seriously the first and last sewing tutorial I am writing at 11:30 pm. Maybe ever. On we go…

Fold under and press 1″ on each side of the width. Lay flat.

From the base fold of the height, measure up 2″. Sew a straight seam horizontally. Measure up another 1.5″. Sew a second horizontal line. This is your first curtain rod casing.

Measure up 14″ from that seam. Sew a horizontal line. Measure up another 1.5″. Sew a second horizontal line. This is your second curtain rod casing.

Fold over 1″ from top raw edge. Iron flat. Sew a flat seam across top.

Hand stitch ribbon over the top layer of the upper curtain rod casing. Or decide you are over it and iron it on with double sided iron-on adhesive tape.

I am a psycho and I hand stitched it. Mercy.

Centre the decorative French bakery stencil on the awning. Paint in stencil with a circular motion. Yay! Fun non-math stuff!

If you look carefully at the stencil photo you can see the bottom curtain rod casing.

Adjust the tension rods to fit the opening.

Slide the tension rods into their casings and reposition in the opening. Marvel at your patience during that whole math bit. It was worth it!

XOXO Aubrey 


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