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Beach House Inspiration – Crescent Beach Tour

I have been in the Lower Mainland of BC since Sunday. It has been wonderful spending time with Colin and enjoying the beauty of the area.

I have also been interviewing for jobs here this week. I have never been so stressed on a job hunt. Usually I am solid in one position and interviewing to move into something new. This time around, I need to find something that pays the bills, moves me down to the Lower Mainland permanently with Colin, and hopefully also makes me happy and fits my career goals.  You know, just the basics – HA!

So Monday afternoon, after a big interview, Colin and I headed to Crescent Beach to relax and enjoy the sun. If we are going to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I’m not going to spend a gorgeous day watching HGTV.

I grew up coming to Crescent Beach with my family and friends. As an adult I still enjoy the beach, but my head was on a swivel the whole time from the water to the homes.

white Cape Cod house with 3 gables and blue deck
This Cape Code style house is a classic beach-front option. I love the vibrant blue deck and picnic table. Just the right pop of colour.

Beach house with front hedge, covered patio and cedar shingles
Which is cuter, the home or the gate in the hedge? The updates on this home are perfect. I love the cedar detail on the columns, and the mutton bar windows on the lower floor.

Small beach house named Cobblestone, with stone chimney and accent features
Ok, they have round rock features and they named their home. Ever since Anne of Green Gables I have loved homes with names. 

Large beach house with red and green trim details  This is one of the largest homes along the beach (corner lot anyone?). I love the use of colour and all the windows. If you have the ocean view, you want to be able to look at it!

And speaking of ocean views, this view is the one they all look at from their back yards:

View of Crescent Beach with bench in foregroundSo if we ever have a few extra million hanging around…this is an area I wouldn’t be angry to live in. Vancouver area prices…are insane. So for now I will enjoy the beach from this side of those picket fences.
XOXO Aubrey


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