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Brick Floor Inspiration

I was raised being told “The worst they can say is no.” My Mom was right when it came to asking for a higher grade on your essay, or asking for more grated parmesan at the Italian restaurant. She was way out to lunch when it came to asking a boy if he “liked you” too. The worst he could say was no. And then tell all his friends. And the popular kids. Social death imminent; Mom’s advice out of line.

When it comes to asking a contractor if you can have all the brick he is removing from the house down the street…the worst he could say is no. So when Mom and I were out on a walk and saw brick removal in progress, she followed her own advice. He said yes. As long as we picked it up and cleaned it out by the weekend, it was all hers.

Since I was living with my parents for free and my labour costs were waived, we headed out that Friday and loaded the bricks on the flat deck trailer. Twice (in the spirit of full disclosure I was not present for the 2nd flat deck load).

All that delicious brick got me dreaming. I have always loved brick – painted, unpainted, red, brown, grey. Brick is so warm and cozy looking. I have 100% decided that in one of my homes, I will have some brick flooring. I have not yet decided if it will be in the entry or the laundry room. Or both. Colin gets no say in the matter. There are times his Power Of Veto is defunct.

So here is some delicious brick floor inspiration. Mom says her brick is going out to the lake. I tried to convince her to put it in her laundry room. You win some you lose some.

This little entryway from really demonstrates how a tiny space can have SO much impact. I love the herringbone pattern, and the border around it almost gives it the look of an entry rug.

Ok, as if this home from Troyer Builders didn’t already have enough going for it! The view out the front door, the exposed beams, the chandelier…then they added this polished brick entryway. Inspiration for days!

I adore this laundry room from Liz Marie Blog. That neutral brick keeps the laundry room looking clean and fresh, but still warms up what could be an overly clean and sterile space.

This entryway from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles wins the day for me. Wood planks and brick pavers? Couple that with the chippy furniture and those French doors and this home gives me all the feels. 

Have I convinced you yet? Do you love brick floors as much as I do?

XOXO Aubrey


5 thoughts on “Brick Floor Inspiration

  1. Okay I think you’ve sold me! I just may save them for the house on the lake…if we build and retire there! In the meantime, they can make the firepit and pathway look awesome! On another note, I have no memory of telling you to ask a boy if he liked you! You weren’t even allowed to date until you were 16! 😄


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