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Exploring Ginter House

I have always loved a dilapidated home. Don’t get me wrong, a perfectly restored home will win me over every time, but there is something about a home that was once in its glory days being left to fall apart. It captures my imagination and creativity as I wander around, imagining the home as it once was, and the lives that were lived between its walls.

I first stumbled upon the ruins of Ginter House in Prince George, BC as a teenager with my youth group. The foundation of the home sits on top of a huge field and hill and was the perfect spot for a game of Mission Impossible. Or capture the flag. I clearly don’t remember what game we were playing. I just remember the stonework, and the handful of fireplace tiles I tucked in my pocket. (The years before I cared about “take nothing leave nothing.”)

Ginter House was built in 1963 by Ben Ginter, the owner of a successful local brewery. In its heyday the estate is said to have had huge parties and even peacocks on the lawn.

Photo Credit: The Exploration Place

Not many photos are available online of the home in its original state. There are a few photos of the home boarded up in the mid-90′s, shortly before it was torn down.

It is in its current state that I love it most. 

The front drive and steps remain, inviting you up into a foundation being slowly reclaimed by nature.

The stone columns boast of a view down the hill to the city below.

A quiet stream runs along the side of the property, once used in the design of the home’s waterworks. Now a serene gurgle as you wander the property.

Are there any old dilapidated homes in your area? Share your favourites with me!

XOXO Aubrey


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