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Island Dreams and Winds of Change

I have been feeling like my life is a bit like the beginning of Mary Poppins lately. Bert sees the winds change and knows something is shifting.

Maybe it is my lifelong Disney obsession that has me comparing my life to scenes from their movies.


It is either that or living on Vancouver Island has me relying on nautical metaphors.

Our plans have changed. Again. A month ago we were pretty sure we would be in Langley. Three weeks ago we were pretty sure we would be on Vancouver Island.

view of the ocean from a fenced pathway
Macaulay Point Park

Colin’s company has grown on the island and all the back and forth on the ferry is cost-prohibitive. Not to mention we have always loved the beauty and atmosphere of the South Vancouver Island region.

So my career search shifted to the island. I had one great opportunity on the mainland fail to pan out. When I was told I hadn’t been selected for the position, I was strangely ok with the rejection. Other than the blow to my ego, it meant I could continue to focus on the island.

view of clear green river surrounded by trees
River in Sooke Pot Holes Park

Colin and I honeymooned in Victoria, so it holds a special spot in our hearts. We would look at each other and talk about how amazing it would be to live there “one day”. 

couple sitting on the edge of a fountain in from of the Victoria Parliament buildings
Colin & I in front of the Parliament Buildings, Victoria

(Oh my goodness, we were babies. Also, can 2004 me teach 2016 me how to control my hair in this humidity???)

We have spent the last two weeks here and it just feels right. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me using the hashtag #feelslikehometome. Because it does.

View of ocean looking out to Mt Baker
View from Witty’s Lagoon

So we continue to allow pieces to fall in place as they may. I am looking at a few opportunities on the island that the next few weeks will tell if they work out or not. I have to continue to trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to. It feels like they are. Another part of me doesn’t want to tempt fate by saying it out loud on the blog. The uncertainty still freaks me out.

Like something is brewing 

And about to begin…

XOXO Aubrey


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