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Design Inspiration from Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse

A few weeks ago, Colin and I took a trip to Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site in Victoria, BC. I love historic sites, especially ones with an amazing lighthouse. Colin loves anything with military history and large guns. Fort Rodd Hill has history dating back to the late 1890’s, and Fisgard Lighthouse was first lit in 1860.

One of the things I really love about historical sites is the inspiration. Interior design has come full circle, and current trends are impacted by the past. There was so much to take in and be inspired by. Instead of bombarding you with an onslaught of photos, I have tried to categorize what inspired me the most.

The Colours

There were so many gorgeous paint colours at every turn. So many shades of blue! I also loved seeing the pale blue mixed with the olive green. Such a beautiful mix; one that I would love to replicate in a bedroom! Although some of this paint would be more recent than the 1900’s, the colours are beautiful none the less.

Brick Everywhere

You all know I am voting for natural brick to make its rightful comeback. I have drooled all over brick floors in the past. But brick walls? Even better.

I love the transom above that window on the bottom left (1896!) and the brick detail on the window in the bottom right. That window, the fireplace and the spiral staircase are from Fisgard Lighthouse. Because if that brick work wasn’t enough, check out the ocean view from that window!

The Warrant Officer’s Quarters

A beautiful brick building! Do you see that chimney? It is huge! I am also loving the closed-in back garden, with its covered perimeter. It’s a little bit Secret Garden-esque.

In addition to all that brick, I really love the pale yellow door and windows. So sunny and that colour is like melted butter! I just wish they would fix up the interior of the home for tours. Hint hint Parks Canada.

Fisgard Lighthouse Exterior

Fisgard Lighthouse is one of the most maintained sections of the historic site. I love its classic lines and colours. The brick red and pale blue contrast without competing. The pale blue also picks up on the colour in the sky and the sea.

Really, lets just discuss the shape of those windows. I love that even in a building as utilitarian as a lighthouse, consideration was made for beautiful design.

Fisgard Lighthouse Interior

Those windows are even more charming from the inside. The just beg for a bolster pillow and a good book. Not to mention the filigreed latch!

The set up of the main entry is too cute. It reflects so many design trends we have right now. The above-door open shelving, the bleached wood floors, the painted ceiling.

A white staircase with wood steps led upstairs. The upper balcony had double doors in a superb shade of light royal blue. And that view.

All of the Archways!

OK, so some of these photos I repeated. But I really wanted to show how often and how beautifully arched entries and windows were used. They take a somber cement staircase and make it special. I think arched doorways and room dividers are a design feature that is underused in interior design. It brings character and so much visual interest.

The Furniture

I gave you a sneak peek of the bench on Instagram. I love the way the metal wraps around the edge of the wood seat. That storage shelf would make a divine potting bench, especially in that colour.

I now need to refinish a trunk. In black.

The Texture

Bleached floors, chippy brick, sea stripped painted wood. The textures all over Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse were to die for. The planks on the far left are old flooring that was painted by the Lighthouse keeper to replicate the look of tile. Tell me that doesn’t inspire you to get your DIY on. They have been faux finishing since your Great Grandma was around!

So next time you are near a historic site, look at it from another angle. Take some inspiration for your own home. Be that crazy lady photographing a chipped brick wall.

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XOXO Aubrey



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