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Watermelon Prosciutto Baguette Bites


Recipe #2 for Watermelon Week! If you missed Monday, make sure to check out the Watermelon Citrus Salsa.

Today’s recipe is the perfect appetizer for summer. I wanted to play with the classic “prosciutto wrapped melon” appetizer, without actually wrapping melon in prosciutto…


These little baguette bites are all things in one: crunchy, juicy, fresh. The sweet and salty flavours are deliciously balanced, and the goat cheese adds a wonderful tangy note.

I also like that they look like itty bitty sailboats.


Behind the Scenes Blog Note: When I first made these, I made them on French bread with grilled watermelon. Meh, you live you learn. They were way too big and the grilled watermelon went limp on the toast. I semi blame my mini tabletop BBQ and its inability to produce grill marks quickly, but I also enjoyed the freshness of the watermelon on the updated recipe much more.


Enjoy making these as a simple appie for your next backyard BBQ! Maybe for the upcoming holiday weekend?

Watermelon Prosciutto Baguette Bites

(Makes 12 appetizers)

12 baguette rounds, thinly sliced and toasted

Small log of plain goat cheese

6 slices of prosciutto, torn in half lengthwise

12 watermelon wedges (watermelon cubes cut in half horizontally)

12 bamboo toothpicks


1. Spread approximately 1 tsp of goat cheese on each toasted baguette round.

2. Loosely fold prosciutto on top of cheese.

3. Top with watermelon wedge immediately before serving. Secure with bamboo toothpick.

4. Admire your handiwork and revel in how easy it was to make.


I hope you enjoy making these! Remember to follow the blog by email so you don’t miss Friday’s Watermelon Week recipe. It’s a good one!!!

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XOXO Aubrey


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