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Wine Soaked Watermelon Granita…aka Argentinean Death Ice 

Happy Canada Day!!! I hope all my Canadian readers are out enjoying BBQ, fireworks, and friends and family. Rock the white and red and celebrate the best country on the planet!

Today is the last day of watermelon week!


If you missed the rest of Watermelon Week you can get the recipes here:

Watermelon Citrus Salsa

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Today is a treat you will want to sneak into the freezer ASAP and enjoy when you can put your feet up and make your husband tuck the kiddies in. Then enjoy some Wine Soaked Watermelon Granita.


I really wanted to name it Argentinean Death Ice. In Argentina, there is an old wives tale that says eating watermelon and red wine at the same time will kill you. Of course, it isn’t true, but the name is super fun to say to your friends when you pass this out on Girl’s Night. Plus the kids should avoid anything labelled “death ice” in the freezer. Hopefully.


It’s basically an adult snow cone. Or a frozen sangria. Either way, refreshing and delicious!

Wine Soaked Watermelon Granita

4 cups chopped watermelon

Juice and zest of 1 line

1 cup fruity red wine (e.g. Shiraz)


1. Purée watermelon, together with lime juice and zest, in the blender until smooth.

2. Stir in red wine.

3. Pour into flat plastic container with a lid, and place into the freezer.

4. Every 2-3 hours, scrape mixture with a fork to create ice crystals. Continue until entire mixture is frozen.

5. Spoon granita into bowls and enjoy!

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XOXO Aubrey




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