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Flea Market Finds

It is easy to get swept away in the “big picture” of your project. Flooring, paint colours, large furniture pieces. They are the first thing you see and often the biggest *whomp* to hit your budget. It is so easy to focus on them and forget that the things that make a space unforgettable are the little things. The details.

I love details. So when I shop garage sales and flea markets, I am often searching for what many designers call “smalls.”

My current situation is living in my 23 foot travel trailer until we get possession of our apartment in August. So I am also pretty much limited to buying smalls right now! There is nowhere to store a dresser in need of a paint job. *Le Sigh*

So here are some of my most recent finds. I lean toward the industrial and rustic. I love a piece that is well-loved. It has such a story to tell.

fleaFThis cigar box was sitting at a small garage sale, overflowing with bits of screws and washers. I know when a seller has an item being used to hold something else, you can almost always get a great deal on it. Honestly, the little wooden cigar box is literally rough around the edges (so punny)…but I envision it packed full of hydrangea or peonies. The perfect play of rough and feminine, tucked onto an entry table.

fleaAThe super-popular Ball jar. I paid more than I wanted to for this, but it helped me get a great deal on that little cigar box. As you can see, I have packed it full of maple seed pods. Those little helicopters remind me of childhood, and I love the whimsy they bring an often Pinterested piece.

fleaDThis set of bar measures are my find of the summer. So far. I mean, we have a lot of summer left to go! They need a little help with the hard water buildup. Either way, I had been eyeballing a full 7 piece set of these for a couple hundred dollars. My partial set was an insane steal.

fleaBThis little half pint pewter mug came along with those bar measures. The flea market booth “just wanted them gone.” I love those words. This mug is from the Victorian era, and the patina is to die for amIright?

fleaGI am in love with this ceramic marmalade jar. I will be keeping an eye out for more of them, as they aren’t super rare OR super pricey. I think they will be a perfect set of 3 for a centerpiece, or to hold cutlery at a BBQ. Currently it is holding my garlic bulbs in my trailer cupboard. #makingmemories

fleaCI love industrial vintage items. This level has all that lovely copper and the bubble measures are still intact. They are really great on a stack of books, or added to a tablescape for some unexpected dimension. My husband lives in my home too (seriously) so I try to find some pieces that appeal to his aesthetic. Apparently he still wants a fish tank though. In the living room.

fleaEThese hand carved wall hangings are a project piece. Yay for something I can paint that fits in my trailer! They have water marks and some other issues, so I don’t feel bad painting them. Let’s be honest – I almost never feel bad painting something. Still trying to decide if these will be wall hangings once I am done with them, or repurposed into book ends, or something else all together. What do you think?

Once we are all moved in, I can show you where my mind is at with each of these beauties. But for now, I hope you enjoy checking out these treasures.

Why is the best find you have had? Do you love the thrill of the hunt at a garage sale or antique market?

XOXO Aubrey



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